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Professional because of focus
18 years of wind and rain, ups and downs, we are still adhere to, stick to, as always, firmly believe in ourselves
  • Short video production

  • Short video operation

  • Website design

  • Website operation

  • Cloud space

  • Global mail

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Dear customers: 
In order to meet the needs of enterprises for cross-border trade communication, Yisou Technology now launches a free trial service of enterprise-specific global shipping. The trial period is three months from the date of application. To apply for a trial period of 100 trial places, you need to provide the following information: unit name, contact person, contact information, number of application email addresses, domain name bound to the email address, email receiving email address (currently in use) Email (such as QQ email, etc.)
Please send application information to E-MAIL: It can be used after approval!
Pre-sales research
According to the characteristics of users' industry, as well as their own evaluation and testing.
Planning and implementation
Enterprises use the Internet to plan the production and operation of short videos in all directions.
Tracking service
Professional training and teaching, online and offline all-round training Douyin live training
About us
About Us
Chengdu Yisou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded on August 1, 2006. the company is always committed to providing information services for China's growing enterprises. including enterprise website intelligence, website omni-directional optimization promotion, and office management software, sales management software and so on. The company has always focused on the innovation and upgrading of R & D enterprise websites from publicity to online e-commerce series, based on a deep understanding of the characteristics of growing enterprises and their information needs. 
Uphold professional standards and abide by the performance pledge of "plan + implementation"
Work side by side with customers to get to know them to develop accurate guidelines
Ensure innovation, implementation and effectiveness of the scheme
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  • Website series

    Website series
  • Short video series

    Short video series
  • training center

    training center
Enterprise advantage
Enterprise Advantage
Technical Research
With in-depth research and innovation on the use of the Internet by enterprises, new products have become a pioneer in the industry.
Experience accumulation
Since its establishment in 2006, experience has accumulated. Continuous innovation on the basis of meeting the needs of customers
Professional team
The quality of the R & D team is excellent. The Technical Director is a postgraduate majoring in computer Information of Sichuan University.
Management culture
Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the concept of treating people in good faith, doing things in a down-to-earth manner, and constantly seeking innovation.
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